Waar de tijd stil staat.

Veerle Wijffels

Beekveldstraat 14

Veerle Wijffels would love to welcome you in her holiday home Droom in Leefdaal.

The cottage is located in a very peaceful environment, in the middle of the meadows, and is provided with all needed comfort, ideal for 4 or 5 persons. The panoramic view is breathtaking. There's a completely equipped kitchen and bathroom, a cosy living room, two bedrooms with TV and a large garden with BBQ, trampoline, sauna, hot tub and sandbox.

Leefdaal is a picturesque village located in the "Green Belt" around Brussels. The  accidented landscape of Leefdaal, Neerijse and Overijse is a wonderful challenge for hikers, bikers and mountain bikers. In the beautiful environment there are numerous cosy restaurants with great foodquality.